The Future of GCC Labour Market Reform

The Future of GCC Labour Market Reform: Towards a Multi-Disciplinary, Sustainable, Evidence-Based and Practical Understanding

David Jones, The Talent Enterprise, UAE
Dr. Sofiane Sahraoui, President, Arab Governance Institute


Labour market reform increasingly represents the single biggest challenge for government, academic, and business leaders. Broadly, at a national level, policy makers are concerned with transforming the productivity of the local population into the future engine of economic growth, creating a more sustainable economic and social model, supporting greater economic diversification, social stability, improving job creation, employee engagement and well-being. Employers are impacted by the factors influencing supply, demand, and the cost of talent and how it would influence the productivity and positivity of their regional workforce. Finally, individuals living and working in the region are concerned with personal standards of living, how best to invest in their own human capital, their careers, quality and quantity of life, etc. These factors are all, in
some way, dependent on the existing structure and future direction of reform of the labour markets of the region.

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