Euro MENA Dialogues on Public Management

Euro MENA Dialogues on Public Management

Joint Event of Aix Marseille University (AMU),
European Group for Public Administration (EGPA)
& Middle East and North Africa Public Administration Research (MENAPAR)
24-27 October, 2016
Muscat – Sultanate of Oman
Co-organised by Aix-Marseille University, France, the Institute of Public Administration,
IPA, Sultanate of Oman, & the Institute of Public Administration, Kingdom of Bahrain

Call for Papers and Call for Experiences

The Euro MENA Dialogues of Public Management are the continuation of the Euro-Mediterranean dialogues of Public Management, MED, that have been held from 2008 to 2014. They come from the need to expand the reflection on public management from the Mediterranean to the Arab Region. EGPA and the MENAPAR signed a strategic agreement
to co-organize the Euro MENA every two years, alternating between the regions. The Euro MENA will hence alternate with the MENAPAR conference and will be very similar in format. Through the presentation of scientific research and professional testimonials, debates will be organized around workshops, roundtables on different themes.

Objectives of the Euro MENA Dialogues of Public Management

  • Institute a public management policy dialogue within the Euro MENA at the highest level of decision-making;
  • Promote exchanges and cooperation between public actors in the European and Arab/MENA regions;
  • Allow professionals and experts to share their experiences and discuss new management practices and tools;
  • Strengthen the community of young researchers, future elite of public managers and academics across the Arab region;
  • Provide an opportunity for young people in the Euro MENA region to consolidate their experiences in professional networking in the region;
  • Develop proposals and collaborate on projects for improving Public Management practices within the Arab region and between the EURO and MENA regions;
  • Expose successful practices in the Euro MENA and discuss their transferability.

Download this call for papers as PDF

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