About us

Who we are

AGI is a think-tank focused on public policy research, analysis, formulation, and evaluation. Its mission is to enable the public and policy-makers to make informed decisions on public policy issues.

Fields of interest

  • Public governance and administrative reform.
  • Local governance.
  • E-governance and open governance.
  • Capacity building in the public sector.
  • Public policies in education and health.


Become a forum for the exchange of ideas and for research and capacity building in public governance so as to promote citizen participation in public affairs and to widen the options considered by policy makers in devising appropriate solutions.


Promote good governance and evidence-based policy making through a program of high quality research studies and their dissemination on a  large scale.


The Institute proposes to fulfil its missions through achieving the following objectives:

  1. Carry out studies on public policy research, analysis, and evaluation.
  2. Act as an independent voice in governance and public policy debates.
  3. Be a forum for the exchange of ideas and opinions between the various stakeholders in the public policy process.
  4. Contribute to the debate within society and in the media on current and emerging public policy issues and raise public awareness regarding their importance.
  5. Build capacities and expertise in the area of public policy and management.
  6. Promote the efforts of Tunisian and Arab experts in public policy and governance and develop exchanges and networking opportunities between them.